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7 Anti-bullying strategies for the summer holidays

July 3, 2o13
Can you believe that it is actually summer holidays? Well it is for many students anyway. You may have started your break in June or you might summerholidaybe studying all summer long, but a lot of students are now enjoying a break from school.

Here are some strategies for the summer holidays that can help you be an even better anti-bullying advocate. After all, everyone who is compassionate about something needs a change of pace once in a while.

1/ RELAX – Just take the time to do what you like to do. If you have a job, let it take your mind off school but if you are on holidays,  fill your time doing what you enjoy.

2/ READ – If you like to read, make sure you pick up some interesting titles at the library and let yourself sink into the books you’ve chosen.

3/ WRITE – Here’s your chance to Continue reading