School visit teaches Cyber-bullying Prevention Strategies


Associated Hebrew Schools, Toronto Ontario

Associated Hebrew Schools, Toronto was the location of our anti-bullying and cyber-safety presentations. Students were incredibly responsive to the message. One staff member remarked that she was so impressed at the attentiveness of the student audience. I would certainly agree with her. There were times in the presentation when you could hear a pin drop.

A group of girls talked about cell phones and how they believe personal devices should not be used by students during school hours. ‘It can be completely disruptive in a classroom’, they told me. Of course I agree with the girls about how distracting it can be. Obviously, they had really thought about this situation and come to their own conclusions.

Q and A at the end of the grade 7/8 assembly was interesting. The students were interested in the topics of cyber-safety and cyber-bullying. A number of the questions were answered by other students who had an excellent grasp of the topic. It is a pleasure to be a guest speaker at a school where the students are respectful and interested in the topic. Thanks for a meaningful and memorable day at Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto.

Bruce Langford is an anti-bullying advocate, speaker and author.
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