Multi-media school assemblies on bullying and respect

How To Plan a Respect AssemblyAnti-bullying multi-media school assemblies are a way to create a buzz in your school about bullying prevention. Children want to go to school and feel safe. They want to believe they are cared about by the school and that teachers and principals will help them out if they need support. Through a school assembly, a strong message can be conveyed to children that school safety is a top priority.

Many children have fear that they will be picked on or bullied. The result is that students can be tense and worried during class and not learn as well as could be expected. Children must be relaxed and happy to perform at their optimum.

In order for children to feel safe and protected from bullying, teachers can play a major role.

S.A.F.E. is my acronym for the day.

4 Points for teachers:

S ee what’s going on – Keep an eye on the halls and between class activity. This is when much bullying happens.

A lways remind students to include others. Children report that exclusion is a major reason why so many kids feel ostracized.

F ind ways to integrate positive messages into the curriculum. Even in Math and Science class, messages about including others and being fair can blend right in with the lesson.

E mphasize Respect – Remind students to Treat Others How They Want To Be Treated. This includes avoiding even subtle put-downs or insults.

Teachers are eager to teach, and that can be done most successfully with a class full of contented, cooperative students who get along with each other. A way encouraging cooperation is by using the TRIBES system of teaching. It includes games and activities that promote cooperation and help kids learn how to be supportive of each other.

Students will be most cooperative with each other as they get to know each other more, and identify their commonalities. Good leadership from the teacher will help students see the positive in each other instead of the negative. Help students understand that as humans, it is essential to treat each other right and be positive and helpful as much as possible.

A way to start a movement toward a more respectful school, is to hold a motivational assembly which will get staff and students on the right track. Set the tone well before the assembly happens and publicize the event within the school. Promise that it will help everybody understand how to work together and feel good about being at school. Use a school slogan or mascot to help promote in an exciting way.

All the best in planning your exciting SAFE SCHOOL Respect Assembly!

Bruce Langford presents bullying prevention assemblies and teacher presentations at schools in Canada and internationally. Contact Bruce through email at bruce at  (at=@)