Character Education Programs in Ontario (Brampton) by Stand Up Now Productions

The PAWS Wall at Copeland Public School

Copeland School PAWS Wall

Character Education Assemblies about Respect were presented by DJ Benny DL of ATFM Radio. Bruce Langford was the DJ and the set for ATFM Radio was in the gym as the students cheered him on.

The Character Education Formula at Copeland Public School is tied in with their Coyote mascot. The message is “Follow The “P.A.W.S.” – Print to Success.” Here is what the PAWS acronym stands for:

P:  Positive Attitude
A: Act Responsibly and Respectfully
W: W.I.T.S. (See Below)
S: Self Belief

W: Walk Away
I: Ignore
T: Talk
S: Seek Help

After the Stand Up For Respect Assemblies, Principal Lynn Dirks said “I really liked the way you tied the show into our Character Education focus here at Copeland. I liked the way you brought music into it.”
One of the grade 5 students said “It really taught us to show respect, not bully. And you had really cool songs!”
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