How would you like to get a glimpse inside the minds of over 20 successful entrepreneurs?

The best selling book, “Cracking the Success Code” includes chapters by Bullying Prevention Advocate, Bruce Langford and Business Guru, Brian Tracy, who has written and created over 300 audio and video learning programs.

How to Crack the Success Code is a task that humanity has reflected on from time immemorial. The sages and philosophers of every generation have pursued this question with unrelenting determination because everybody is looking for the answer – regardless of their field. So, who has the answer? Has this book found the “Silver Bullet”?

The answer to this eternal enigma may vary for each one of us according to our definition of success. However, in this book, Bruce Langford, Brian Tracy and a group of other leading business experts render their conclusions based on their proven experiences and core principles. Their answers are based on their firsthand knowledge versus academic hypotheses or philosophical assumptions.

Cracking the Success Code has hit the best-seller list in 5 categories including Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales and #2 in Direct Marketing.

About the Book

How to Crack the Success Code is has been seen as the ultimate secret to living a happy and successful life. All those who have gone before us have ultimately asked this same question over and over again. Where does the answer lie?

For many successful people, the answer is complex, yet simple. In this book, Bruce Langford, Brian Tracy and numerous other entrepreneurs share their own experiences and conclusions to this age old mystery. The answers lie within the pages of this best-selling book, as a result of the combined knowledge and expertise of the authors who have opened themselves to you, the reader.

So, if you have decided to learn more about success and achievement in your world, where would YOU look for the answers?

About the Author

Bruce Langford is a teacher, presenter, musician and writer who specializes in the topic of bullying prevention. He devotes his time to his company, ‘Stand Up Now Productions’ through which he has created school programs for children on bullying, respect and cyberbullying.

Bruce uses drama and music to help teach strategies which can virtually stop bullying in its tracks. Also known as ‘The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy”, Bruce firmly believes that as a society we can work together to eliminate bullying. He frequently does keynote addresses and workshops on bullying and is constantly working on songs and videos for new programs.


If you have decided to learn more about success and achievement in your world, where would YOU look for the answers?

The “Nuggets of Wisdom” that Bruce Langford, Brian Tracy and the other authors of this book offer us look at a world that is new and unfamiliar economic territory for us all. They have “been there and done it”. They provide practical answers to these questions.
Bruce Langford, for example, looks at how he has found success by talking to over a thousand schools and hundreds of thousands of kids about how they can help stop bullying. This kind of visionary thought will enlighten and guide those who wish to achieve successful or outstanding accomplishments.

We are therefore left with the options of spending our lives trying to “reinvent the wheel” on our own, or we can use the proven experience of people like Bruce Langford and Brian Tracy to Crack the Success Code for us.

Bruce Langford, “The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy,” has joined with this select group of the world’s leading business experts and best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, to publish “Cracking The Success Code: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Help You Crack the Code for Optimum Health, Wealth and Success”.

Brian Tracy has written and created over 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into over 20 languages.

Cracking The Success Code features top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts in a variety of industries from around the world. The authors will tackle an array of subjects ranging from health, wealth, marketing and business success.


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Bullying Prevention Advocate

Bruce Langford, is an anti-bullying advocate who has presented to over 150,000 students and thousands of parents during the past nine and a half years. Bruce firmly believes that, as a society, we can successfully change our attitudes about bullying. Step-by-step every one of us can make a difference. In Cracking The Success Code, Bruce shares his philosophy and specific strategies on how to deal with bullying.


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