Toronto School Thrilled With Stand Up Now Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Cooperation – We work together for a common purpose. We work together to reach a common goal.

 This is the message on the gym door at Lescon PublicWe Work Together at Lescon School in North York. Principal Mario Perri obviously cares about bullying prevention, cooperation and respect. He was pleased with our programs so much so that he invited us back for another visit. Students told us that most bullying situations don’thappen at Lescon because students look out for each other and respect each other in a genuine way.

 Here is a bullying prevention tip we shared with students at Lescon Public School today:

Toronto School Bullying Initiative

Lescon Public School, North York

If you see bullying behaviour, act on it by reporting it, saying something, changing the subject or speaking up. This is a key way to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’.  

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