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For High School and Middle School Students (Grades 7-12):

Your students will learn strategies to improve their abilities to interact with each other successfully. The bystander is addressed both through role-plays and direct discussion and encouraged to become the person who has the courage to make a change.

For Younger Students (Up to Grade 6)

We are “ATFM RADIO” and we are broadcasting ‘LIVE’ from your school. Our singing DJ, Benny DL keeps the show hopping with cool songs, prizes and even video clips.

  • Anti-bullying strategies taught using role-plays & music
  • Your students will enjoy the songs and learn from them too.
  • Presented by an Ontario music teacher with over 16 years experience.
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Do you want to increase your school’s respect level and diminish bullying?

You will be glad you introduced these ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies to your students and staff. The music, videos and role-plays by your own pre-selected students will keep their interest and teach important concepts at the same time.  Your teachers will appreciate the detailed student follow-up materials.

Your students will benefit from the 4 levels offered – JK-3 / Gr 4-6 / Gr 7-8 / Gr 9-12
JK-3 and Gr 4-6 programs are 45 minutes long and the Gr 7-8 and Gr 9-12 programs are 55 minutes long.
We bring all necessary equipment to set up in your gym.
(Note: Grade 7-8 & 9-12 programs do not follow the live radio format).

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