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“Bullying is an underestimated and pervasive problem. It is a proven precursor to violent behaviour and is never acceptable in Ontario’s schools or communities.”
Gerard Kennedy, Former Ontario Minister of Education

Defines bullying, focuses on the bystander and encourages the spirit of community. Read Our Brochure…
Deals with honesty, kindness, consideration and how being respectful often earns respect
Stand Up For Respect
All programs feature music, videos and role-play by your own preselected students.
Benny DL performing live in ‘Stand Up For Respect’
school anti-bullying programs bullying prevention assemblies
Bullying prevention programs are mandatory in Ontario schools.
Our Bullying Prevention programs are classified by the Ontario Ministry
of Education and are listed on their Registry of Bullying Prevention Website



“A very interactive program that kept the students’ attention.”

Sue Guest (VP) Westwood PS, Guelph

“It was amazing how you got the 7/8’s to talk seriously about the topic of bullying.” Kim McNamara (Principal) St. Monica Catholic School, Brampton
“Your program was fast paced and informative and I was thrilled to see the attentive behavior of our students.” Heather Deslippe (Guidance) Greenbriar Sr PS, Brampton
“Your high energy and musical talent helped to deliver your meaningful message about respect in a fun and entertaining way.” Kathy Anderson (Principal) Folkstone PS, Brampton
I have already made arrangements to book the presentation for the Fall… I would recommend his presentation to all intermediate grades.” Ab Henshaw (Principal) Harriston Sr PS, Harriston
“I found the message to be excellent and your mode of presenting it just as great.” Tina Marano (Librarian) Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Mississauga
“…The attentiveness, smiles, laughs and participation told me our money was well spent.” Patricia Kenyon (Principal) St. Anthony Catholic School, Brampton
“Your use of volunteers was so key to making this experience memorable – as was your enthusiasm and dramatic energy.” Kim Allison (Teacher/Librarian) Bruce T. Lindley PS, Burlington
“Strong message consistently delivered…” George Consitt (Principal) St. Julia Catholic Elementary, Mississauga
“Finally – a program where kids participate and get it!” Doris Muelli (Child & Youth Worker) Dufferin Peel Catholic DSB
“…an energetic, upbeat, yet serious performance, packed with great information. And the students got the message!” Lucia D’Arrisso (Teacher-Librarian) St. Julia Catholic School, Mississauga
“…thank you for your encouraging message to our children.” Katherine Derma (Acting VP) Willow Way PS, Mississauga
“I was impressed with the research, media links and preparation…” Sarah Calvert (VP) St. Rita Catholic School, Brampton
“…lively, relevant, engaging, catching the interest of the kids while presenting a key message about bullies…” Sue Roszell (Principal) Frontenac PS, Burlington
“…both assemblies were just what we were looking for…” Kristen Buckingham (Teacher) Queen Elizabeth SR PS, Mississauga
“…the topic of MSN and the internet was especially interesting to our students.” Lora McKeown (Teacher-Librarian) Queen of Heaven Catholic, Mississauga
“Inspirational presentation! Really hit home with the topic of bullying.” Lana House (Teacher-Librarian) St. Cecilia Catholic School, Brampton
“I received only positive remarks from everyone I asked.” Karen Franklin (VP) Glenhaven Sr PS, Burlington
“Messages were motivational, meaningful and reinforced the basics of respectful behaviour…” Jim F. Kemp (Principal) Lockview PS, St. Catherines
“…makes kids want to listen and dialogue.” Patti Jones (Principal) Willow Glen PS, Mississauga
“You nailed it! You’ve covered all the key teaching techniques in connecting with the students on respect.” Sue Bandeen (Principal) Ekcoe Central School, Glencoe
“…upbeat, interactive, and ties in with today’s social issues.” Mary Lou Keyes (Principal) Forest Park PS, St. Thomas
“…students were active participants and highly engaged.” Joan Duckitt (Principal) Sir Arthur Carty Catholic School, London
“…a hit with both the primary and junior students at our school.” Vee Hayward (Principal) Graham Bell-Victoria School, Brantford